Dekoi Blade Jig Head, 3 pack

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Dekoi Blade Jig Heads are a lethal combination of design and action.

These jig heads are made using the highest-quality components. They come in both Heavy Duty Straight Shank and Wide Gape versions, with matched swivelling bomber weights, and stainless steel vibrating blades. Pair them with your own favourite soft plastic lure, whether curly, paddle or split tail. Three sizes are available in each version, to suit species ranging from Bass and Perch to Barra and Murray Cod.

The design creates a lot of thumping vibration and hunting action, even when retrieved very slowly, and can be fished in almost any situation, particularly in areas where there are timber snags, and other structure such as boat docks and vegetation. They are very good on rocky bottoms and for making long casts into cover.

Unlike standard jig heads where the weight pulls the lure down into the rocks, grass or mud, Dekoi Blade Jig Heads keep the lure just off the bottom and horizontal to the line of travel.