The Traveller's Fishing Tackle Gift Box

The Traveller's Fishing Tackle Gift Box

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The 'Traveller's' Lure Fishing Gift Pack contains a selection of Hard Body and Soft Plastic lures for fishing in salt and sweet water conditions, and, a double sided compact 44 compartment tackle box. This gift pack comes gift wrapped with a ribbon

The ‘Naturals’ hard body lures from Finesse do a great job of emulating the profile of an agitated baitfish with their realistic skins and outstanding noise characteristics.

Where there’s some surface action the Finesse ‘Toppu Mizzu’ top water lures provided can address these needs with a selection of Bent Minnows, Poppers and Wakebaits.

Add to these the Hard Body Deep Diving Madbass Crankbait and Flash Minnows, Sinking Vibes and Chrome jigs, and you’re all set for hard lures.

The soft plastic lure part of the kit includes a range of low profile tungsten round and weedless jig heads, with matching terminal tackle suited to weedless and Texas rigging, that have been matched with scented Swimerz Paddle Tail and Curly Tail lures.

There’s also a pack of Gel Scent to make these lures even more attractive to your target species; apply Captain Jack’s to any hard or soft lure to enhance their performance.

So, whether chasing Trout, Flathead, Perch or Barra the range and capabilities of the lures, and rigging options, provided in this gift pack will enable any fisher to get amongst the action.