Toppu Mizzu

Toppu Mizzu Lures are the Top Water range of lures from Finesse. Manufactured for Australian Fresh and Salt water species, featured are a range of designs from Poppers to Wakebaits, Bent Minnows, Jitterbugs and Walk-the-Dog type lures.

Topwater fishing provides some of the most exciting bites to behold. There is nothing like the visual action of an epic topwater hookup.  After all, its one of the only forms of fishing where you actually get to see a fish take your lure.  They can be used across seasons and varying water temperatures and still catch fish.

There are many different varieties of surface lures available, with each lure design having a different action in different conditions.  The retrieval of your surface lure therefore, will vary on the style of the lure and also the general fishing conditions on the day. Usually you want the lightest possible gear. Using a light set-up will not only allow you to fish longer without getting tired but also apply the most important trait, which is the presentation of the lure.  This type of outfit can also cover you with just about any species of fish in the river systems – from smaller-size whiting right up to decent-size Trevally.