The Black Box, Hard Body Lure Selection (2018 version)

The Black Box, Hard Body Lure Selection (2018 version)

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A gift boxed collection of quality tested hard body fishing lures suitable for a range of Fresh & Salt water fishing conditions, and includes top-water, suspending, and diving lures. Great fun when chasing Whiting, GT’s, Bass, Mulloway, Flatties or Barra

The capabilities of the lure pack include a range of Floating/Diving Minnow type lures of various lengths from 65 to 150mm that have shallow to deep diving capabilities and features like holographic skins for light reflection, rattles and nickel coated hooks for rust resistance.

For deeper water there are Vibes and Lipless Crankbaits; sinking lures loved by everything from Bass in the fresh to reef species in the salt. These lures are complemented with a top water capability that includes the classic ‘Popper’, ‘Wakebait’ and ‘Sidewinder’ models that are deadly on any species that will take surface and subsurface lures, from Whiting to Barra.

So, whether you like a fresh fillet of Flathead for dinner, or just enjoy the sport and practice catch and release, this set of hard body lures will provide a wide range of options when out on the water, ensuring many hours of quality fishing time.