Vike Skirted Jig Head Lure

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Vike Skirted Jig Heads consist of a 52 strand skirt that utilizes multiple color breaks on a single strand. These strands rotate back and forth creating the illusion of a fully dimensional image. The durable tungsten head is denser than lead and equates to a smaller head and less bulk. The edges of the weight are polished and the line touches only the smooth machined surfaces. The fact that the line directly touches the tungsten on the insert free weights allows for more vibration to be transmitted through the line. When used on their own, the head is rigged so it slides freely on the leader just above your selection of hook type, the shape of the head enables fishing to occur horizontally, as in cast and retrieve fishing, basically creating a jig that shields the bait or lure as it enters and exits thick vegetation without becoming snagged, allowing the hook and weight to separate when fighting a fish.