Spines Super Series Jig Head (4x/3x Pack)

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Spines Super Series

This unique rigging system is unlike any other! The same concept as our popular Estuary series except that you are not restricted to just using a Double or 'W' hook, you can use any hook you like such as a single or trebble hook.

Spines Super Series are thicker than and stronger than our Estuary series, so it's designed for larger fish such as Snapper, Cod and Barramundi. The centered positioning of the weights ensures a natural sinking action and the Spine creates a balanced swimming action.


Available in the following sizes:
55mm (2 & 1/4")
65mm (2 & 3/4")
80mm (3 & 1/4")
95mm (3 & 3/4")

SS55 & SS65 pack includes:
Spines Super Series x 4pcs
Hooks (assorted) x 8pcs

SS80 & SS95 pack includes:
Spines Super Series x 3pcs
Hooks (assorted) x 6pcs


SS55 = 9.2g
SS65 = 9.2g
SS80 = 9.2g
SS95 = 9.2g


To make sure you get the right size jighead for your soft plastic, measure the body of the plastic and then choose the relevant jighead (ie: If the body of the soft plastic is 35mm then you will need a 35mm jighead, etc.).


Suited Soft Plastic Sizes:

SS55 = 76mm (7.6cm or 3")
SS65 = 95mm (9.5cm or 4")
SS80 = 125mm (12.5cm or 5")
SS95 = 140mm (15cm or 6")